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Asking Price $2900.00
Sold New for $4500.00

Lebeda Mandolin

Lebeda Mandolin

2002 Lebeda Mandolin Jazz Model

Czech builder Jiri Lebeda is known for building quality mandolins and mandolin-family instruments that are also surprisingly affordable. One doesn't ordinarily associate bluegrass instruments with the Czech Republic, but consider that the region has a very long tradition of violin-making, along with a fanatical hard core of bluegrass fans and musicians. His instruments are modeled on the classic mandolins of the 1920s, as reflected in their sound as well as their look. Lebeda mandolins are made with only the finest materials and old world craftsmanship, making them one of the best values in the high-end acoustic instrument market today.

• Top – German/Czech Spruce (Hand Carved)
• Back & Neck – Figured Curly European Maple 
  (Hand Carved)
• Sides – Figured Curly European Maple
• Tuners – Gold or Nickel, Schaller
• Nut – Bone
• Fretboard – Radiused Ebony
• Endpin & Truss-Rod Cover – Ebony

• Binding – Grained 3 ply (i-b-i)
• Bone Corners – F5 models
• Finish – Nitro-Lacquer (satin or gloss)
• Inlays – Abalone
• Peghead overlays – Front: Macassar Ebony 
   Back: Rosewood
• Piezo pickup with an end-pin jack

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Reduced for sale 6/3/2015

Asking Price: $1975.00

1968 Martin D-18

 This vintage Martin is in near MINT condition, with only a couple scratches and some shrinking & lift around the pickguard. A classic Martin with 46 years of aging!  This guitar sound fantatstic!  It's old, loud and makes a great player and collectors piece.


Amps and Cabinets

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Asking Price: $1057.00

Dr Z 2x12 - 4 Ohm - Open back cab with Celestian G12 Blue Speakers

This is a great cabinet with amazing speakers, awesome Dr. Z construction and killer looks.


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Asking Price $1950.00

Marshall JVM205H 50 Watt Head w/ 1960A Vintage 4x12 Cabinet

This Marshall Half stack is a classic.  It has amazing tone and the power that is expected from a Marshall. The JVM Head is congifured to provide flexable options to maximize both tone and volume levels for lead & rythym. The 1960 A/ Vintage is voice with Celestion Vintage 30s in the top & modified G12H 30 Celestions on the bottom...The cab produces that classic tone of the late 60's! This head and cab are in MINT condition.  



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Asking Price $1985.00

Marshall JMP 2061X Handwired Head w/ JMP 2061XC Handwired Cabinet

This Marshall just drips of Hendrix tone.  It features two independent channels which go from bright and chimey to mellow and dark.  This is completely handwired in England and comes with an England made 2X12 cab that contains Celestion G12H speakers.  The tone of this amp will blow you away, it is so rich and full.  Both head and cab are in MINT condition 





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Asking Price $995.00

Fender Twin 65 Reissue

For clean head gain and tone it doesn't get any better than this amp. Classic Blues Rock tones to Jazz tones this amp does it all. Extremely Clean Condition! In the process of being re-tubed and biased.