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Missoula, Montana  59801
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About Us

30 years of Experience and Expertise

Music is self expression and the language is multi-faceted. Equipment, knowledge, ability, technique - all elements play a role in a person's success with an instrument.

With 30 years of personal experience in professional performance, recording, retail and wholesale, we know how to help each individual define their own musical goals and how to provide them with the tools to reach those goals.

Finest Stringed Instruments

On the retail level, we are dedicated to supplying the finest instruments available at broad price ranges, at fair market values. Our specialty is stringed instruments and we carry acoustic & electric guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, violins, amplifiers and accessories.

We believe that every player, beginner thru advanced, is uniquely interesting, and we are committed to personal attention. Equipment is only one part of our focus though. We strongly feel every player deserves the opportunity to advance and the key to improvement is education.

Private Lessons

Private LessonsWe offer professional, flexible private lessons that are tailored to match individual students goals and progress. Our primary goal is to help each player find their own best voice.



Jam Camp

This program is designed to bring people together to play in a band setting. It'sJam Camp available for teen and adult groups and is offered at our store. Chuck Norris hosts groups as band leader, providing guitar, bass, vocal, and drum instruction. Chuck matches individual students and adults by their similarities in taste and ability. Outlaw Music's goal is to provide each person the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by getting out of their lesson books and into the art of developing songs and jamming.