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724 Burlington Ave.
Missoula, Montana  59801
(406) 541-7533

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Welcome to Outlaw Music

Thank You Misssoula!

Offically Closed for Retirement 10/03/2016


So how do you sum up what it means to have served this community’s musical needs for the past 12 years at Outlaw Music? Well it’s almost impossible, but I will do my best.  On a professional note- it has been one of the true joys of my adult life to bring my great passion for music to the community of Missoula, Montana.  Our goal from the very first day was to provide the very best so that each person leaving our store could be their very best.  We did that through 12 years of successfully helping people enjoy music on their own terms. 

On a personal note- I am humbled by the warmth all of you have displayed over the years as you invited me into your lives through music. I’ve had the pleasure of watching your kids grow up through our store. Some faces stand out, like the teen boy who showed up one hot summer day in a tee, shorts, & Sherpa Tashi -hat who is now in med school back East.  And the shy, young girl who is now almost a professor of music here in Montana.  It’s been an honor and a joy having you all step through our door and sharing your lives while we got you musically sorted out!

I’m often told how much I inspired others though our presence, by what we provided to the community.  For this I am very honored.  But really, it was all of you who inspired me.   Our common love of music and the laughs along the way leave a wealth of memories I will cherish forever.

Play On.



Mission Statement

As self-expression, Music is a Journey. Whether you devote your life to it, or music is simply a part of who you are, whenever you pick up your instrument, you give it your best. Outlaw Music's focus is simple- provide the finest services, environment, and product to the individual so that each individual leaves our store one step closer to being their own personal best.